Friday, November 20, 2015

Morning in Beaufort, South Carolina

Once again, we have a beautiful shot of a sunrise. This one is of the Ladies Island Swing Bridge here in Beaufort.

As you can see, it is a beautiful morning here. We missed the torrential rains that had been forecast. We never even got a rumble of thunder.

It's early morning in the marina.

If you look at the lower small photo, you can see the only real action so far is a nice sized flock of birds busily scoping out the area - from OUR rigging. Of all the sailboats here, they obviously chose the best looking one for their morning perch. Always looking for the positive spin.....

Today, we will be heading to Georgia. We hope to reach Thunderbolt Marine. We don't know if we'll be staying there. It seems that we have met up with a large group of boats from Sail Magazine. They have 20 boats in their group. When they arrive at a marina, it makes for a large crowd-- so large that it's hard to get a slip. Thunderbolt has already told us that they are full. However, today is Susan's last day with us. Bob is driving down to pick her up--somewhere! We don't really see anchoring out working for that. So, we need someplace to at least stop long enough for a passenger transfer.

No matter what happens, it is shaping up to be a beautiful day on the water. The weather report claims it will be sunny all day and 70 degrees. We really hope they got that one right.

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