Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Lovely Day on the Water

Oh my, Dear Readers! At least we think it is morning. Check out this picture from the inside of the cabin. I did not bother to go outside to take the picture. After all, why bother when it's the same no matter where you stand. Indeed, we are socked in.

The good news is that we are having a warm spell as we head south. It is supposed to go up to 70 degrees. Of course, that also means we increase the chances of fog. So, we will eat our yummy breakfast of hot banana muffins and scrambled eggs cooked by Susan.

8:00. The fog is finally burning off. We are getting underway. Today's goal is to get to Deltaville. One of the crew members has reported being able to see more clearly now. We're not sure if that's because the fog is gone, or she's now wearing her glasses. She couldn't find them earlier - one of the other crew members was kind enough to point out that she was wearing them around her neck. Hmmm.... Going to be an interesting day.

Meanwhile, I can report that we really love our silicon baking cups. They are great for the boat because we don't generate extra trash! Also, they help the uneaten muffins keep their shape when we toss them in the plastic bag for storage. You do have to put them on a cookie sheet, though. The biggest trick to cooking in a Force 10 oven is to remember to rotate the tray halfway through the cooking cycle. We've gotten better at remembering to do that. I do confess to actually blackening one of these poor silicon muffin cups. The Force 10 has a lovely flame right at the back of the oven. My suggestion is not to leave anything toward the back too long. And DON'T ask me how I know that.

It is now early evening. We had to motor all day, but the sails did go up for a little bit. Meanwhile, Terry is flying down the coast. They moved the boat past a town that Marylanders love to visit in the summer. This is your Where's Terry clue for today. It appears that we will easily meet up in Norfolk.

We are anchoring in a lovely area in Fishing Bay on the Piankatank River. Tonight is Italian night. We'll be dining on lasagna with a side salad. Drink of the day is a lovely cranberry juice with champagne. Nothing better than good food to round out a day of great boating. It is so pretty out tonight that the cameras are all out.

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