Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Morning at the Megadocks

It was a beautiful morning in Charleston.

In case I have not made it totally clear, we are staying at the Megadocks. Here is the 'boat' across from us.

Sun Chaser holds 9,000 gallons of fuel. Today, she's just topping off the tanks with 1500 gallons.

Down the dock is Thalia - a lovely two masted megayacht.

Thalia is 160 feet long with a 31 foot beam. She's owned by a Russian millionaire who moved it to New Zealand when he got bored with the Med. Now, it appears that Thalia is touring our East Coast. BTW, the crew has flip flops with Thalia printed on the soles. Should you be interested, according to the web Thalia is for sale. No price was given, but the article shared that the price has lowered by 4.2 million.

The list here just goes on and on. Here's the view down to the end of the dock.

Yes, we continue to feel like a munchkin here. However, we'll be heading on south today. Our poor LUX is having serious engine problems. I do not speak engine, but the words 'engine mounts,' 'bell housing' 'sail drive,' 'boots,' and 'gaiters' are uttered frequently- along with various four letter words. The words Haul Out also occurred, but they have disappeared from the conversation again. It appears that's good news. We hope to get a mechanic in Georgia. We'll be limping on down there with only the starboard engine.

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