Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Leaving at COD

Oh my, Dear Readers! We are up. And, it is COD time! Yes, it is just barely the crack of dawn. The anchor went up at 6:11 AM, and we were on our way.

 This would be a good time for my Dear Readers to gasp and say, "I thought they were doing this for fun!"

Yes, most of the time boating on LUX is just fun. But, sometimes work intrudes. LUX has decided that she is in need of attention. What's with that? We aren't anywhere near St. Augustine- LUX's favorite spa town. But, LUX is experiencing some mechanical difficulties. So, we needed to get up early today to get to Charleston as soon as possible. Terry and Mike have plans to visit the hardware store and West Marine. Then, we will be in Charleston for an extra day while Carol gets personal tutoring in engine maintenance. There will be pictures so that those members of the Engine Maintenance class can be jealous.

A special note to Linda S. - Yes, Linda, I finally took the time to correct the horizon on this photo. I have been rather lax of late, but I am trying to be a better blogger.

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