Saturday, November 21, 2015

We Love a Parade

It did not seem worthy to blog about just leaving Delegal Creek and heading south. But then we got out of the marina, and we joined up with a fleet! We found ourselves in the middle of the Sail Magazine 2015 ICW Rally. They have 20 boats headed from Hampton, Virginia, to St. Augustine, FL. We actually ran afoul of them yesterday - trying to find a marina near Savannah. Their blog talks about the problem with getting 20 boats into a marina. Believe me, with most marinas, that's a full house at this time of the year. It really was quite the parade as we pulled back into the ICW.

But, we weren't the only ones to find ourselves in this parade. We met up with Moment of Zen - with Jody from Chesapeake Bay Magazine. We chatted with them a bit on the radio. They were finding it difficult as well to go to all the familiar places on the ICW. They will be heading off up a river they haven't investigated before to try a new marina.

We continued to sail south with all these boats. This particular stretch - between Savannah and Jekyll Island here in Georgia - does not have many marinas. We knew everyone would be anchoring out somewhere, and so would those other boats. Currently, we don't know where the 20 boats in the Sail Magazine 2015 ICW Rally are. But, we found more boats. At this point, there are 9 boats in this anchorage with us here on the South River.

Yes, you can only see 5 of our neighbors in this picture. It's a very wide anchorage.

But, it's not dark yet. There's still time for more boats to join us. It's still a lovely place to anchor.

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