Tuesday, November 17, 2015

We're in Charleston

We are docked here at the Charleston Megadocks. And, when they say Megadocks, we think they mean the boats that dock here. Check out this picture from the salon on LUX. You will be looking directly out the back of our boat.

Yes, once again Mike has done a masterful job of parallel parking. The view around us is also very interesting.

We often feel like the little dingy in this crowd.

Meanwhile, there's excitement in the marina. The Coast Guard has people everywhere on the docks because they have had a major fuel spill. The air is redolent with the smell of diesel further up the dock. At least we are not close enough to have that added fragrance.

Terry went off to fetch our needed part. Come to find out, the shuttle goes to the OTHER West Marine, so our part is being brought by courier to the boat. Terry and the part should arrive at about the same time. Correction - they just delivered the part, but Terry's not back yet.

We'll be here for another day in order to make our repairs.

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Dave said...

Miss you guys! It's been great traveling with you and getting to know you. Joe and Deb leave tomorrow so I will head out Thursday, onward to Key West.
Maybe I'll get a chance to update my blog one of these days ...... yeah, sure.
Until we meet again.
Oh, you should have been on the ride from Charleston SC to Savannah, GA, outside. Lots of wind, waves and speed. Made it 92 miles before dusk. The stbd water pump belt parted just as we got off the angry seas, but this repair is easier than yours.
Dave and crew