Monday, November 9, 2015

Morning in Dowry Creek Marina

We've spent the morning here at Dowry Creek Marina.

Since the Marina offers a loaner car, it was the perfect place to spend the morning. We went off to the Food Lion and the auto parts store. We replenished all the things we needed - eggs, fruit, etc.

This Marina was a new one for us. It has a lovely view out on the ICW.

Yes, that is LUX on the left.

The Marina also has nice amenities. Check out the pool area and the boaters lounge.

You might have noticed the interesting tree in front of the pool.

It appears that boaters leave their cards inside bottles on the tree as a reminder of their visit. We did not have an empty bottle, so we won't be leaving our card today. Maybe next time....

Another cute thing on the property is the cell phone booth!

Need privacy to make that call? Drop in, and sit right down on the inverted trash can! It's a fine example of recycling, isn't it?

Now that we are all back on the boat, we'll be heading on southward. No real plans as to where we will be later on today. Stay tuned for updates.

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