Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Traditional Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. We hope you are enjoying your turkey day. We're having a rather interesting time here in Golden Isles. 

The repairs on LUX continue at a slow pace. 

At present, they have discovered that they need more tools. And it is Thanksgiving here in the south. That means if you had called earlier in the week to ask if a place was open, you would most likely get a response that included not only NO, but a mini lecture on how the employees would be home with their families. Oops. 

However, not every establishment was closed today. That enabled us to celebrate an old fashioned traditional Thanksgiving. We went out hunting and gathering.

We started by hunting down breakfast. We traveled through the suburban jungle until we sighted a potential food source.

Yes, we caught the wild breakfast. Actually, it really was pretty wild. We didn't know it, but we arrived just after the bus got there. We had a 10 minute wait to capture our breakfast. We used the time to check out the other wildlife - aka all the stuff sold at Cracker Barrel. Mike even caught (aka purchased) a cd. Peggy, however, was better at actually catching something for dinner. She got our waitress to get her a pecan apple pie from the kitchen. There were none for sale out in the store. The waitress, when handing the pie to Peggy, said this, "Don't tell anyone." Hmm... Contraband food. How exciting!

Afterwards, we headed off to do some big game hunting. After all, we needed a turkey dinner for today. We ended up at the great gathering.

Yes, Harris Teeter is open until 2:30 today. And, they even had sliced cooked turkey in the hot bar! Yay! We then all went on a gathering expedition to get our favorite sides. 

Later today, we will share pictures of our fabulous feast. Stay tuned, Dear Readers.

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Susan Gilbert said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all y'all.
Today I'm especially thankful that the doll jacket is finally completed. Will send a pic later. We are off to the farm for Thanksgiving dinner which will happen after the horses are fed, of course.
See you soon,I hope.