Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Winds Are Not Favorable

The plan for today was to get up bright and early to head for Belhaven. We were up well before 6 this morning to make preparations to leave. One decision was that it would be fun to get egg and biscuit sandwiches from our friendly gas station here in the Alligator River Marina. They bake their own biscuits, and they are mighty tasty.

As they were frying up our eggs, the phone rang. The woman behind the counter answered. Her side of the conversation started with, "No. I am not fixin' you 50 cheeseburgers!" After a little more conversation, she hung up. She then informed us that Bobby, the bridge tender, had called to say he would not be opening the bridge any time soon.

It seems we will be staying here a bit longer this morning. We thought about calling Bobby with a bribe of 50 cheeseburgers with pickles thrown in. However, it's probably just safer to wait for a while. Meanwhile, here's a picture of this morning's sky.

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