Monday, November 9, 2015


Every year, as we go up and down the ICW, we talk about stopping at R. E. Mayo seafood. Each year, we don't.  The reasons vary. Sometimes they are not open- the best reason not to stop. Sometimes, we are on a tight schedule. This year, they were open. They had shrimp. And, we had time to stop.

So, we pulled over to the dock.
It was a very interesting place. If you stop at the dock, you must walk along a somewhat maintained dock to an opening in the seafood warehouse. Then, you walk past the scallop cleaning station and the gigantic warehouse sized freezer full of ice. Once on the outside,  you walk around another part of the building to get to the store.

Inside, it really is a store. You can buy fresh shrimp- heads on or off. They also had flounder and scallops. AND, tee shirts and boat parts and all sorts of fun things. We did buy a few tee shirts. And some snacks. And sponges! I kept forgetting to buy sponges. And there they were- just for me. Dinner tonight will be yummy fresh steamed shrimp. Clean up afterward will be easy, too. After all, we have new sponges.

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