Sunday, November 8, 2015

In Dowry Creek Marina

"When I last left you, Dear Readers, we were attempting to leave the Alligator River Marina. Yes, we made it safely through the bridge. We continued our voyage south today. Our big concern was the Wilkerson Bridge. When the wind is from the north, the water can pile up at that bridge. Usually, it still wouldn't be a problem. It's just that they had a tiny little problem when the built the Wilkerson. It was supposed to be the standard 65 feet. It's not. It's only 64 feet tall. No one is admitting to stealing the missing foot. But, it's a problem for us. We just fit most of the time.

The big excitement started when the bridge was just barely in sight. Terry decided that he would like to film the adventure using his GoPro. 

Yes, the shot was taken through the window. It was cold out there today. I was not going out just to take a picture of a guy tying a GoPro to a boathook. But it was not only the cold that kept me inside. Peggy and I were engaged in a hot Yachtzee game!

Yes, that is my Yachtzee. Not only a Yachtzee, but my second one for this game. There was no way that I would abandon this for a photo op in the cold of a guy duct taping a camera to a pole.

The GoPro actually did a great job. We have a great video that only true boaters would love. Currently, Terry is busy editing it down to something that everyone would actually watch. We did just scrape by the bridge -literally. Our antenna dragged. But we made it through.

This evening, we are docked at Dowry Creek Marina. Susan is busy preparing dinner. The rest of the crew is busy relaxing. I'm enjoying a lovely hot apple cider with rum. It's a lovely ending to what turned out to be a lovely day.

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