Friday, November 13, 2015

Morning in Surf City

Morning is here, and we are pulling out of the anchorage in Surf City. 

It was a beautiful day yesterday. We motored all day, and arrived here around 6 PM. The anchorage was a quiet spot most of the night. Early on, we had the new radio on. An emergency call went out from the Coast Guard. Peggy took the opportunity to remind Terry that the new radio also has a speaker on the mast so you can hear it on the deck. She offered the opinion that the neighbors might not care to hear our radio all night. Radio was promptly turned off.

This morning, we all woke up before 6 AM. Could it have been the trawler going by making a rolling wake and a low rumble? No, we planned to get up. Of course, we did. And, we had the usual activities.

Terry checked out the engine.

Mike is starting the engines.

And, most. Importantly, Peggy is making coffee and tea.

We woke up to a bit of a shock. It seems it is cooler today. In fact, the high will only be 62 degrees. That's 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. As always when it is cold, we're having muffins. It's a twofer- we get tasty muffins, and the cabin gets warmed up.

We're still traveling with Fifth Quarter today. They do not have an incredible enclosure like ours. They look cold - even for people from Maine. They are even wearing long sleeves! But the sun is shining. Yay for solar heating! And, we're off to Southport.

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