Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Big News! It's Not Raining!

We spent the night just off the ICW below Hobuckon, North Carolina. I could not resist writing that since I love the name. We anchored just in time. The fog rolled in. It rained. The wind blew. Altogether, it was not the best evening of the cruise. But, we stayed warm and dry (mostly) here on LUX. There was some consternation after we anchored because Carol discovered that the charts had a small label announcing that a power line was going right across the anchorage. But, nothing happened when the anchor went down. And it was raining. And the wind was blowing. There were NO volunteers to go out and move the anchor. So, we stayed put.

The entertainment continued through the night. The weather alert went off right after everyone had finally fallen asleep. The new radio has a great alarm on it. To say it's  loud would be putting it mildly! Lots of crew members hopped up and checked things out. The report was for a waterspout off Cape Hatteras. Never fear, Dear Readers, we are quite a distance from there- at least 30 miles.

Then there was the passing tug. Those crew members who heard it thought either a freight train was headed at us or a rather upset dragon was on the prowl. (Remind me not to share stories from A Dance of Dragons with the crew right before bedtime.)

We finally settled down, and everyone seemed to sleep well after all the excitement. This morning started off slowly. The rain had stopped. The skies are now clearing. It's already so warm that most of us are shedding layers. But, don't get too excited. Terry still has on his fleece jacket. The temperature is supposed to go up to 75 degrees today. We'll see if it gets warm enough for Terry to take off a layer.

In the light of day with no rain, our little cove turned out to be a lovely spot. See for yourself--

As we were getting underway, a shrimper came by. Yes, we are truly in the south.

As the morning continues, the sky just gets better.

You can see where the blue is finally starting to show. The clouds are breaking up, and the sun even peaks out now and then.

Today we plan to go down the Neuse River to Beaufort, North Carolina. That's exciting news because Beaufort has a BIG laundromat. It's especially exciting because we could use a lot of dryers right now. In between the rain and the humidity, everything is damp. Nothing will dry on a boat in this kind of weather.

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Linda MA said...

Sounds like quite a start to your adventure. Love reading your blog!!