Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Early Start

We were up and moving right at the crack of dawn today. 

As usual, everyone was up and taking care of chores.

Again, Peggy was busy at the coffee and tea bar. I do so love the coffee service on this boat!

And so, we headed south.

Again today, Fifth Quarter stayed with us. We passed through Myrtle Beach by late afternoon. By early evening, we were truly in an interesting part of the ICW.

It was very narrow. Trees were growing right on the water's edge.

After one bridge, we took a sharp left into a narrow alley.

You can see how narrow it is by looking at Fifth Quarter's progress. At the end of this little cut is Osprey Marina.

I do believe that they were happy to see us! Look what came in our welcome bag!

We will stay here for just one night. Tomorrow, we head toward Georgetown. That would be in South Carolina for those who miss us and wish we were headed closer to home. No, it's not that Georgetown. 

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