Thursday, November 26, 2015

USPS is Everywhere

We had the opportunity to meet our neighbors in front of LUX today.

Yes, the burgee you see flying is a power squadron burgee. It's Charlotte Power Squadron. We found out that they bought this boat in 2001. But they have been Power Sqadron members much longer. He has been a member for 50 years. We actually saw their car here in the marina parking lot. The license reads SRNAVGTR. Yes, he was one of the first in this area to attain the rank of Senior Navigator.

His wife is actually a member of the Golden Isles Power Squadron. When he joined Charlotte Power Squadron, they did not allow women to join! She also reported that she taught flag etiquette for years. They love being a part of the USPS family. They regularly attend both district and national meetings.

And, in true USPS spirit, she walked over and offered to share their Thanksgiving feast with us. I had shared that we were able to buy turkey at Harris Teeter, but I did not share that we had also purchased all our side dishes. She came over to say they had lots of dressing, gravy, and other things left over from their meal. So, if we needed any sides, they would be happy to share them with us. One of the great aspects of belonging to USPS is that no matter where you go, you will always find friends.

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