Monday, November 2, 2015

Heading South

The leaves are turning red and gold. There is a crisp and cool feeling to the air. Football season is in high gear. That must mean that it's time for LUX to head south! Yes, Dear Readers, we just left the dock in Whitehall headed down the Chesapeake.

Well, most of us are on the boat. Terry did not get on with us. He is elsewhere. And, we thought it would be fun the play a version of Where's Waldo?  So, here is where Terry started. Do you know this place?

He joined Dave on Dave's 40 foot Leopard near this landmark.

Today, they head out for another iconic city on the water. Here's a clue- if he gets off the boat, he can indulge in taffy-- or gambling!

Meanwhile, LUX is already missing Terry. Okay. It is 9:45 in the morning. We left the dock 8:59. Mike is already doing his Terry imitation. He's taking apart the electrical panel. It seems that the 12 volt outlet did not work. The final decision  was that the fuse AND the fuse holder were bad. Luckily, we had extras onboard. 

Up at the helm, Carol has just discovered that the auto pilot is also on strike. We're trying to convince Carol that the auto pilot thinks she needs to practice her piloting skills. Carol believes that computer driven things do not get an opinion. I believe it's too late to put that rule out there.

We also had a little trouble with the stove. It didn't want to light. That was eventually fixed as well. It was a battery. Yes, this stove has a battery. And it wanted to be replaced.

The entire morning is an example of why it is so important to plan for an easy day for your first day out on the water after a while. The marine environment is not called a harsh environment for nothing. It takes a toll on all your systems. When planning for your voyages, always remember to add in some time for identifying possible issues that will need to be resolved.

After the morning repairs, our day was uneventful- our very favorite way to travel. Currently, we are anchored in Mill Creek here in Solomon's Island. Although the day has stayed gray and chilly, it was not windy or rainy. We made good progress, and we anchored by 4 PM. We'll continue to head south tomorrow. Tonight, we'll enjoy a dinner of beef stew prepared by Susan. And, yes, we'll be cooking biscuits. That way, we'll warm up the cabin for the night!

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