Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Oh My!

Alas, Dear Readers, I must go all Chaucer on you today, for I am in a slough of despond. Well, not really. After all, we are on a boat. And we are in the south. But, sometimes things can seem not so great. Here is the view from inside the cabin of LUX.

Why am I showing you the view from inside? Because, baby, it's cold outside. In fact, it appears that an iceberg just floated by.

(In the interest of honest reporting - it's not really an iceberg. It's just some sea foam on a bed of reeds.)

But that's okay because Peggy whipped up a delicious breakfast of pumpkin pancakes made with Krusteaz complete pancake mix with some added leftover pumpkin pie filling. That pumpkin was left over from the yummy pumpkin pecan rolls yesterday.

Yes, we only have three pancakes left.

And, the saga of our poor wounded boat continues. The part for the bell housing (also called the flywheel housing) does not arrive until this afternoon. 

Oh, wait! That's part of the good news. We will get to go touring this morning. We plan to visit the local lighthouse. When we get back to the boat, the guys will be able to put in the new part- while it is not raining, and while the hardware store is still open.

Oh wait! There's more news. Our slip won't be ready until Friday. And, the Marina does not feel comfortable moving around catamarans. We will be staying to put LUX in her winter home ourselves.

Bad news is that we will be on the boat for Thanksgiving. The local restaurants (the ones that are open) will gladly feed us from 11 to 3 for the low price of $39 to $59 per person for a buffet. So, you guessed it. And, actually, it is not bad news. We have our menu all planned- which does not include a trip to a restaurant. Harris Teeter opens in the morning. We'll be wandering the aisles hunting and gathering any and all foods we like. We plan to have a sumptuous feast, and it will be great!

Currently, we'll try to leave on Friday. In the meantime, we will continue to make lemonade out of our lemons. It's a beautiful day, and we plan to spend the morning out enjoying the local sights.

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