Friday, November 13, 2015

We've Arrived in Southport

It was an easy day today. We woke up very early- as I mentioned in an earlier blog. 

Our first snag was a bridge that would not open on time. It seems that an emergency vehicle had gone over to an island. The bridge had to stay closed until the emergency vehicle returned. So, we sat.

Here you can see Fifth Quarter going through the bridge.

We also heard lots of chatter on the radio. Our favorite conversation was the gentleman who asked for verification of his location. He said he thought he was in the ICW, but he couldn't see the bridge he thought he should be seeing. So, he just wondered where he was. Hmmm.... A good boating class from USPS on reading charts would not go amiss, would it?

It was a beautiful day on the water.

We even had the opportunity to put up the sails today.

Dave, following us in Fifth Quarter, finally put up a sail as well-- after complaining about the hard work involved. After all, he had to hold his foot on the electric wench for such a long time. 


Those of us without power wenches are not really sympathetic.

For lunch we had mummy hotdogs.

Yes, we didn't get to celebrate Halloween on the boat. So, we have been adding in the activities we would have done. This was one of the planned meals.

We made it to Southport in plenty of time today. In fact, we were at the dock by 1:30. 

Tonight, we'll go into town for dinner. Tomorrow, we'll head off toward Myrtle Beach. Stay tuned, Dear Readers.

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