Sunday, November 22, 2015

Free Entertainment!

Sometimes, the best entertainment can come at the end of the day. That's when the other boats begin to join you in the lovely anchorage you have chosen for the night. As the sun begins it slow descent while creating yet another stupendous sunset, boats begin the ritual of dropping the hook. But, not all boat captains are wise enough to have attended an anchoring seminar such as the one offered by the United States Power Squadron.

Last night was one such night. Except it was cloudy. And, it was getting dark quickly. When we entered the chosen anchorage, there were already a number of boats here. And, more followed us. At the end, there were 12 boats in this area. 

But, only one gave us the most entertainment.

Dear Readers, let me begin this tale with the fact that we love our Rocna anchor. It really works. You drop it. It anchors. It knows its job. However, there was this monohull. It had a Delta anchor. And so the anchor dance began.

Our intrepid sailor dropped the hook. He looked down at the water. He waited a few minutes. He pulled up the anchor. He moved the boat. He started again. And again. And again. It went on for 40 minutes. It made one boat so nervous when he got near that the other boat moved away from the anchoring show. Yes, Dear Readers, he did finally get that Delta down and holding. But, we will bet that he went to bed early last night. And, we also bet that he did not sleep well. He most likely got up every hour to check to make sure he wasn't dragging on the anchor.

Our anchor is up, and we are once again headed south. Today, we will reach our final destination- Golden Isles Marina on St. Simon's Island. We'll stay on for a few days to do some repairs. Then, we will head back home - in a car. LUX will stay behind waiting for our next adventure.

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