Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Catamaran Pulls Up to A Bar

We made it to Wrightsville Beach in plenty of time, so we decided that the easiest way to let Susan off the boat would be to pull up to a restaurant with a dock. We ended up at the Dockside Marina. It was actually more of your basic waterfront bar. Lots of college kids came to the beach for the weekend and stopped at Dockside Marina for a few drinks. When we called in, the young lady who answered said it would be no problem because they weren't busy.

By the time we got there, it was 6:20. But this is NOT Annapolis. The dock master had already gone home. They sent out the bartender to try to tie us up. It wasn't as easy as you would think because the boats who came after the dockmaster left just tied up wherever they wanted. That included the dingy that was tied up in a space large enough for a good sized boat! And, that young thing who told us it wasn't busy? We're wondering if she actually noticed what was going on there. Most restaurants would be in heaven to be not as busy as this place was! We were hoping we would actually get a table.

But, of course, getting a table was reliant upon LUX actually getting a spot on the dock! We finally did, after crew members gave the bartender tips on rearranging boats at the dock. The bartender apologized profusely. He said that had he only known, he would have tried to make better arrangements at the dock. Hmmmm, we said. We spoke to the young lady on the phone... Oh, said the bartender. I've spoken to her several times, and she never mentioned that you were coming. Hmmm...

So, we went up to the restaurant to find that getting a table was actually easy. Seems the party crowd was busy jockeying for the waterside tables. We said we were happy to take one under the cabana. We were seated immediately. Susan called Bob, and the good news was that he was almost there. By the time we ate, he would be in town.

Then the bad news. Since we would be anchoring out, there would be no alcohol with dinner. Oh well... The sacrifices we make for safe boating.

Bob made it by the time we were indulging in dessert. He then took two of the crew members to the local Harris Teeter. We needed ice. Yes, we were at a marina bar that DID NOT have any ice available. At least not any bagged ice. Yes, our ice water did have ice.

At this point, Terry learned that you were allowed to stay at the dock overnight if you ate dinner there. So, a cat pulled up to a bar and spent the night. But, no, we did not get any alcohol. Bad timing on that one.

It appears that partying in Wrightsville Beach is not like Ocean City. The party noise died off by 11 PM. We had a pleasant night. And, this morning, we were off the dock by 6:30 AM.

Yes, Linda. I did not adjust my picture so the horizon was straight. But, I got this blog done in a timely fashion. Can't ask much more from a cat that pulls up to a bar!

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