Saturday, October 5, 2013

If The Blue Flashing Lights Head Right At You, Turn to the Port

There I was, sharing the blog with Carol and Peggy. Suddenly, Peggy interrupted my dramatic reading with these words, "Wait! Is that boat heading right at us?"

BTW, when we were in Norfolk, I commented that the patrol boats at the navy yards were like watch dogs in a fenced yard. They would come racing out at any boat that strayed too close to the off limits areas. They would zip back and forth, nipping at the boats until they were far away from the zone once again. 

Which brings us back to our current story. Yes, Dear Readers, it appears that we strayed too close to the danger zone. The boat came out at full speed telling us to turn to port. NOW!

And so we did. And the boat went roaring off to find the next vessel it could chase. 
Despite the fact that we were in the designated channel...but the guys with blue lights make the rules. So we went to port. It's another fun day on the water. Guys in fast boats get good rides. We keep moving along.

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