Monday, October 14, 2013

Hey! A Little Privacy Here, Please!

If you have been following along, you already know about Carol's elegant solution for screens in the head. They work great! But, if you know the crew of the LUX, you'll know that there's always an added twist. We always have to push it out a little further. And so, here's the tale of the upgrade for the screens in the head.

If you've ever spent time in a marina, you know that the portals in the head(s) are always placed in just the right location so that the casual passer by can have a peak into the head. This can occur at any time, including those times when a crew member might want a little privacy. So, we needed a solution for that! We needed a privacy curtain.

That's the easy answer. What makes it complicated is the environment where that privacy curtain must live. It's the DOUBLY wet marine environment. Our answer was to create a privacy curtain out of a shower curtain! Why? A shower curtain is already made to resist mold and mildew. It is also thin.

Our plan was to create a curtain the exact size of the screen. 

The first step was to fussy cut a shower curtain into the correct shape. Why fussy cut? Well, the shower curtain came covered with fish! We certainly wanted a cute scene with fish rather than just the blue or the seaweed!

Next, the new privacy curtain had to have the edges bound.

Then, the screen had to have Velcro attached to the side facing into the head - where we would attach the new privacy curtain. That Velcro piece would be the loop side. We did that so the edge of the screen would not scratch you if the privacy curtain was not up.

Finally, the hook side of the Velcro had to be attached to the new privacy curtain.

You probably have noticed that the bottom of the privacy curtain does not have Velcro on it. That's because we still wanted air to come in. This allows the 
privacy curtain to flap in the breeze!

Once again, we have a low budget fix. Granted, many boat people will not be impressed because their boats came with built in screens. But, I bet those screens don't have cute fish on them!

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