Friday, October 11, 2013

Musings on the ICW

Cruising down the ICW gives a person lots of time to think about things. One mystery today is the continuing one of why ALL the birds have to pose for pictures now that Susan is off the boat. Today, we even had a seagull on a crab float! 

Yes, another not so great photo. I need a telephoto lens for my IPad. You can't even see the white heron in the reeds! But, believe me, the birds are out today.

Speaking of animals out for the day, we also had our daily dolphin show. Here you see Peggy looking at the area where the dolphins were performing.

In case you can't guess, I've given up trying to catch the dolphins at play. I'll wait for Linda to get on board with the nice camera.

Another mystery for me is the one of the electric poles. Take a look.

Yes, they come out of nowhere. They appear to go nowhere. They appear to be in a high marsh. This mystery has two parts. You can ask yourself who might be so important as to warrant electricity out in the middle of nowhere- somewhere between Savannah and Brunswick, GA. AND, you can also ask how the heck does the electric company get to those poles?

In the meantime, we just keep moving south. It's another beautiful day on the water.

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A. Trent said...

it looks like the trip is amazing.I'm very curious about the light poles myself.