Sunday, October 27, 2013

We Say Goodbye to Tom and Linda

Today is a sad day on LUX. Tom and Linda leave us today. Their bags are packed. They're ready to go. It seems that their clothes don't want to leave, though. Linda keeps yelling up from the cabin that she has found yet something else. Now Peggy has gone down to check, and she found 2 more shirts. Those pieces of luggage may actually explode just like the cartoons! It seems that all the stuff they packed to bring to LUX didn't fit back into the bags. And, they actually only bought 2 t-shirts. How is it that your luggage always shrinks when you get ready to pack to go home?

And so they are on their way home.

Several of our crew went up to help them to the car. They may need a porter or two at the airport, though. Terry wanted to know if Linda had gold bricks in her case!

Today, we'll be heading off to Hope Town. It's another beautiful day...all the prettier since Tomand Linda's departure reminds us that ours is imminent as well.

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