Friday, October 4, 2013

Wrightsville Beach is In Sight!

We made much better time than we ever thought we would today. In fact, we're going to be there an hour before we even thought we might be! LUX had a great day, and so did we. The weather was just perfect. The skies were so blue. The sun stayed out all day. And we made time.

One highlight of the day was that we did have some adventures with aircraft.

Yes, Dear Readers, that is a Harrier jet flying right over us. Seems that we were in just the right place to see the jets practice take offs and landings. Be assured that they could not be missed. The noise was deafening- especially when they were right overhead.

Some of the crew spent time yet again trouncing Susan in Yahtzee. She has been so kind to play, especially since she admitted going in that she is singularly unlucky with games of chance! We're sorry to see her go this evening. She's been a great crew member. She's cooked and done dishes. And, she's tried her hand at manning the lines.

So, as the day goes on, we are at the Figure Eight bridge. LUX has been so happy that's she's practically running on her own.

As you can see, she's tooling along on her own just to let Terry work with the lines. It's another great day on the water.

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