Tuesday, October 1, 2013

On the Albemarle Sound

Last night, we ended with a round of exercise- kill the midges.

Even with the new enclosure the midges got in. So, Mike went about trying to get rid of the masses. In short order, the cabin was filled with carnage. Mike tried to keep killing ones right over my wine glass! I ended up holding my wine and covering it with my hand. Such free entertainment!

This morning, we actually did not rush to get up (yes, Terry is not on the boat). Once we were all up, we had a serious discussion about breakfast. The final decision was pumpkin spice pancakes. Peggy did a fantastic job fixing the yummiest pancakes. She used the Krusteaz mix. To those readers who might want to try it, Peggy says don't use the amount of water given in the directions. It's way too much liquid. She left out 3/4 cup of the water called for. And, it was really runny. She let it sit for a bit, and it did solidify a bit. In the long run, the pancakes were great! 

Now, we are headed across the Pamlico Sound. Tonight's stop is one of our favorites-- the Alligator River Marina. Yes, Dear Readers, we will have shrimp at the gas station tonight!

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Michele said...

Jacob was telling everyone about the great food at the restaurant behind the Shell station. I think he was actually salivating when he was talking about the shrimp. lol