Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From Hope Town to Baker's Bay

Monday, October 28

This morning, we took the shuttle ferry over to Hope Town proper for a walkabout. Surprisingly, several shops were open. Vernon's Grocery and Bakery was open, but no key lime pies until after 2 PM! Huh! He had freshly baked bread, but we really didn't need any bread on board. So, we left it all behind. I am still curious about the coconut bread. Next time.....

We had lunch at Captain Jack's. Not only do they have a lovely view, but they make a habit of throwing some of the kitchen scraps into the water.  As a result, it was like an aquarium when you looked over the side of the deck. We saw parrot fish, blue tangs, and other fish we didn't know- black fish, gray fish, and one with a black top and a yellow bottom. It was worth the price of admission- especially since the food was good as well. I tried the fried plantains for my Bahamas food of the day. They were very tasty!

When we got back to LUX, the decision was made to move on and try somewhere else for the evening. So, we are anchored off Great Guana Cay in Baker's Bay. Unfortunately, we had forgotten to get ice before we left. So Mike and Terry took off in the dingy to the upscale marina. When they returned, they had ice....in a large, black garbage bag! Seemed the only way to get ice was from the restaurant. So, we did have frozen drinks this evening. After all, we have to use up that rum! Oh well.... It's a hard life here in the islands.

For dinner, we had a favorite boat dish- stovetop lasagna. For an interesting twist, we used vegetarian Italian sausages. Yes, we had planned to use them when the vegetarian was on board, but Linda got away before we ate them. They turned out to be surprisingly good.

For dessert, we tried out a microwave recipe for blueberry cobbler-like dish. I read several recipes, and came up with this:

1 can blueberry pie filling
4 T almond butter
2 T butter, melted
2 T honey
1 cup granola

Put the blueberry pie filling in a microwave safe dish. Mix together the almond butter, honey, and melted butter. Add your favorite granola. Spread this mixture over the blueberry pie filling. Cook in the microwave until hot. The time is dependent on your microwave. Ours is a low powered microwave. We cooked it for 4 1/2 minutes. It was just barely hot. 

We served it with our almost melted ice cream. Terry tries to claim that it was twice frozen ice cream. But, it was more like soft serve...very soft serve. The crew of LUX is always willing to be self sacrificing. They ate the mostly melted ice cream on the blueberry stuff, and they actually said it was good.

In the meantime, Terry has lashed a flashlight to the back of the boat. And, he has attracted a squid. Most of the crew are out back watching squid antics. We haven't seen a squid before, so it's a new listing of cool things seen while sailing around. It's great that we are always seeing something new on these trips.

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