Thursday, October 24, 2013

In Treasure Cay

We had a leisurely breakfast this morning, and then we headed out. Because I have such picky eaters on board, I have taken to serving up a buffet for both breakfast and lunch. In other words, it's every man(and woman) for himself until dinner time. This is especially true in the mornings. Some members of the crew love oatmeal most every day. Some prefer yogurt and fruit. So, I just say have at it. And they do. At lunch, I usually offer a special dish or sandwich. Those not interested are free to fix something for themselves.

Today's special sandwich was turkey salad made with turkey(canned, of course), pecans and cranberries. It was served with a topping of mincemeat- Cross and Blackwell, of course! You could have that on whole wheat or as a wrap.

But, before we could get to lunch, we had to cross the Whale. Whale Cut is famous in the Bahamas. The Cruising Guide to the Bahamas says that it is the most difficult and treacherous part of the Abacos. You have to go through the cut, out into the ocean and back around due to shallow waters. Although the Whale Cut is wide, it is also shallow. That makes it susceptible to breaking waves all the way across when ocean swells come from the northeast. In fact, boats thinking about crossing the Whale often call out on the VHF in the morning for any boats in the area that can give an update on the Whale!

Our intel said it would be a rough passage, but waiting a day would show it getting worse! So, we left. Since we were headed to Treasure Cay, it was a short trip- lucky for us. It was rough.

But, now, we are in Treasure Cay for the night. It's quiet here because the season has not started. In fact, the restaurant is not open yet. You can only get food from the bar on the beach across the road.

It's probably crazy in the season, but right now you can see that there are few boats. The dock hand was quick to tell us that they are going to feature PIZZA tonight. It appears that pizza is an exciting food here in the islands. Oh well, can't have fish every night.

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