Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Last Morning in St. Augustine

It's our last morning here in St. Augustine. We'll soon be on our way further south. The traveling today will be interesting- we're supposed to have wind and rain. The skies are already fascinating.

Although you can see the golden cast of the sun, the skies on the other side look forbidding.

It's been interesting staying here in the new section of the City Marina. They have expanded the docks and added an apron to temper the current and tides. We're docked just beside the bridge.

As you might guess, some of the crew found the traffic noise to be a bit much- especially when those big Harleys are traveling through.

Through it all, LUX and her crew stay positive. We always look for the bright side.

Today's highlight is that Terry took off walking to the Bunnery. That means we are about to have a really yummy breakfast.

Another highlight is that our new enclosure really works. It keeps us nice and dry. And, the makralon is amazingly clear. It's almost like having windows!

This shot was taken from the salon entrance looking aft. I purposely took it at the place where two of the panels join so that you could see that it's really panels! Great job, Carol and Mike!

Meanwhile, just for Susan, we have a bird picture for today.

And, an update! We were boarded by the Border Patrol! The agent came to give us a talk about looking for and reporting suspicious activities we might see on the way to the Bahamas. We were told what to look for as well as how to report. Our agent was incredibly polite as well as knowledgeable. We were surprised to learn that the Border Patrol is no longer allowed to do checks at Amtrack and bus stations. It definitely was an interesting encounter.

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Jeff Trent said...

Awesome pictures. Looks like things are going well and you are having smooth sailing...