Friday, October 18, 2013

Leaving Melbourne

We pulled up the anchor at 7 AM this morning, and we started the day with a bridge dance.
Yes, it was a double bridge with work on top in progress. Those guys were out and sandblasting early this morning. Believe it or not, NO sand was falling from the bridge. Once again on this trip, we scraped the bridge. The tides have been unusually high on this trip, so our antenna will be bright and shiny at the end of this trip. Or, as Peggy says, it will have been honed to a sharp point! Either way, it's getting a work out geared at keeping it very flexible.

We also had our morning dolphin show. Yes, yet again, only two dolphins. They're all waiting for Linda for the big shows. Until then, we're only getting teasers! Linda arrives tomorrow, so those dolphins had better be practicing. 

So we say goodbye to the Melbourne area, and we move on south.


Jeff Trent said...

It looks so warm - we are jealous! It is 32 degrees and snowing in Co Springs today!

Linda said...

Thanks for giving the dolphins a heads' up to get in shape ... I am bringing my lucky fish nightgown & camera is all charged!