Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Parrots Gone Wild

Yes, the anchor was in by 5 so that we could have cocktails in the beautiful area just off Fox Town. Everyone enjoyed the conviviality after a wonderful SAIL to get here! Yes, Dear Readers, we sailed today. And Carol won the speed contest. She got LUX up to 6.3 knots. She could have gone faster, but Mike was dragging his feet in the water. Here's a great shot of the afternoon treats.

Notice that the parrots got there first. Yes, Susan, the parrots are having a great time. We didn't let them have too much of the frozen peach daiquiris - no sense in really corrupting them.....yet!

After our afternoon snack, Terry and Linda took off for dingy adventures.

They're off to explore while we prepare dinner.

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