Friday, October 11, 2013

Savannah Highlight- X marks the Spot

Our visit to Savannah took us to historic River Street. There is an interesting place on the walk along the river, and an X marks the spot! It's known as the echo chamber. Wen you stand in the center of the X, your voice echoes. It's great fun to do this. It's even more fun to watch the faces of other people as they discover that it actually does work!

This, my friends, is not the best picture of this interesting location. But, it does show the pattern of the X inlaid in the brickwork.

If you keep walking east along the waterfront, you'll also get to see the Olympic Yachting Cauldron. It was lit by the Olympic Flame for the 1996 Olympic yachting events. Yes, the Olympics were held in Atlanta that year. But, seriously folks, you can't have water events unless you're in a town on the water! So, the yachting events were held off the coast of Savannah.

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