Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ships of the Sea Museum

We took the trolley tour around Savannah today. The weather did not look promising for LUX, so we rented a car to get to Savannah. Now, at the end of the day, we are checking out a museum full of boats. Let's see.... We've visited a fountain, checked out the waterfront, and looked at ship models. You can take the boys off the ship, but you can't take the love of the maritime out of the boys.

[Terry: On our way back to LUX, we stopped at The Old Oyster Factory on Hilton Head Island. Gee did the research while we were driving and found that it had great reviews. It was a great side trip and several of us have leftovers for another taste of a yummy meal. Today (10/10/2013), I was curious about where the restaurant was in relation to the ICW. The blue dot (identified by the red arrow) is where we were when we passed Hilton Head. We put 142 miles on the rental car in our trek to Savannah and back.]

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