Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Who Let the Parrots Out?

So, Peggy's head (bathroom, not body part) has a leak. Today, they washed out the rug. Peggy really wanted to hang it up to dry- as opposed to the Terry method of leaving it lying around on the dingy. But, her first try broke the clothes pins. It is, after all, one of those really nice memory foam rugs. Did you know that they get really heavy when they get wet?

Then, in a flash of brilliance, Gee remembered that Susan left parrots on board! So, the parrots came out to play.

Yes, they are those clips for holding your towel on the beach chair. But, they really work well on the lifelines! We need them! Never fear, Susan. We will return your parrots. But we really want some of our own.


Susan Gilbert said...

Okay, I must say I am very jealous of the parrots. They are in the Bahamas and I am in chilly drizzle. To give them their due - those parrots have been more useful than anticipated. They were great at holding my towel up dry in the berth and now they are helping out on deck, too.
I think those parrots need to stay with you. I think I can find them friends, too.

Gee said...

Yes, Susan, the parrots are having a great time. Wait until you see the next post! We agree that we love your parrots. We plan to get some ourselves!

Susan Gilbert said...

Do you have your heart set on parrots or would some dolphins and tropical fish do as well?. Would love to have four sets waiting for you all when you get back to MD.

Gee said...

Dolphins! Tropical fish! We love them! Variety is great! That would be so great! Thank you so very much!