Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Anchor bridle chafe guards

I noticed a few weeks ago that the bridle rode was chafing against the bolts that connect the forward beam to the hulls. In my ditty bag I found a short length of leather left over from covering a helm wheel on a prior boat. There was just enough material, combined with a short time with needle, thread, and a sewing palm to produce a nicely secured guard on each thimble. When doing it, I needed to make sure that each guard is located to protect the line. I had to move one after discovering that the bolt head had worked its way under the edge of the guard. I also used the holes along the edge of the leather (the holes that were used for threading on a helm) to attach the leather to the rode so that it will stay in place. At least that's the intent. We'll see after some more miles under the keel.


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