Tuesday, October 22, 2013

It's the Simple Things...

One of the necessities of any galley is a hand towel. And, the most obvious place to put that hand towel is on the oven handle. At least, that's where ours lives most often.

The oven handle is just the right size to support the average dish towel, as you can see in the photo.

Unfortunately, the smallest bump or bounce ends up with the towel looking like this:

Not only does it end up on the floor, but everyone steps on it before it gets noticed. Not good. Not good at all. So, I started investigating methods to keep the towel on the rack. I started with what I know best- sewing. I searched the web for hanging dish towels, and I started sewing.

My first trial was the traditional towel with a fabric top that looped over the oven handle. The directions wanted a buttonhole, but I opted for Velcro. Unfortunately, I made the fabric top too small. It seems that our oven handle is bigger than a standard oven handle. That resulted with a sewing project while we were underway. Yes, I had to move the Velcro.

My next trial was an interesting idea. The suggestion was that a tie be made for the top of the towel.

It really looks cute, but tying it and untying turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. We now bring it out for display when we expect company. But, we don't use it regularly. Seriously, though, a decorative towel is not useful on a boat. It will soon go home with me.

Meanwhile, I spent a lot of time shopping in preparation for this trip. At one point, I was in 5 Below. Inspiration struck. Why not just use a slap bracelet? And, they had the cutest one in 5 Below.

Okay, it is black and white checked. No, it is not the official LUX color- dark blue. No, it does not have a cute sailing/boating theme. So, you ask, what makes it cute? Take a look:

It has a ruler on the inside! How many times has someone on the boat asked for a ruler? It's our favorite- a twofer! Cute and useful!

Ad, it works like a charm. It holds the towel just tight enough so that it does not slide off the handle. It's easy to take on and off. It's easy to get to the towel.


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