Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More Musings on Unusual Things ... This Time, in the Islands

More mysteries as we travel.

What are those boxes on the sea floor? Yes, we have seen two boxes so far. Terry said that the boxes look like an upside down u. These boxes do not have floats. One just had a brick on top to hold it down. What's with these boxes?

Terry is theorizing that these are lobster Hotel Californias - the lobsters check in but they don't check out. At least, until the lobster guy comes. Then, they REALLY check out!

Other members of the crew think that's not exciting enough. We're going for contraband hidden for later pick up. 

And, this morning, a big, red freighter came in to the entrance and parked itself out there. Hmmm.... Now, a smaller boat has gone out to meet it. Some of the crew think it's a regular delivery and pick up. I think it's the daily Amazon.com drop off. But, it might be smugglers. 

And then there the problem that LUX has picked- LUX visits closed everything! Two of the marinas we visited had broken pump out stations. And now, here at Spanish Cay, the restaurant is closed. Good grief! However, the laundry is open...if you wish to spend $10 per load of laundry. Yes, $5 for the washer and $5 for the dryer. Luckily, the laundry was not a necessity at this point. Hopefully, we'll find something cheaper as we go along.

So, onward to today's project. That would be the water tanks. Yet again, the water is trying to escape from LUX. It's really not a good thing here in the Bahamas where water retails for $.25 a gallon. But, the guys are out there working on one of the tanks.

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