Tuesday, October 15, 2013

NOT Our Last Day in St. Augustine

After the morning treat from the Bunnery, things went downhill. The wind began to really howl. We had rain. We have cloudy skies. We have wind. Did I mention the wind? Actually, in the world of weather, I may be the ONLY one talking about the wind. Weather Underground, Wind Alert, NOAA weather forecast, and Weather.com? They are all claiming that we don't really have the weather we have. We're reading 20+ knots of wind on our instruments. Those weather places are all claiming 5 with the occasional 15. Add in the really high tide, and you end up with LUX sitting in the marina in St. Augustine.

Unluckily, this is not the only problem. We've developed a problem with one of the alternators. Yes, yet again, LUX believes that St. Augustine is merely a spa for boats. LUX loves having boat repair here. And, we have the usual pictures.

Always lots of fun here in St. Augustine.

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