Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Know It's Morning Because The Rooster Said So

At Hope Town Marina, Peggy complained about the local rooster. He did not know how to tell time. He just liked to crow morning, noon, and night. Last night, we were commenting on the lack of birds here at Dickie's Cay.We didn't see any birds- not even a seagull. And, we didn't hear any birds. It's now 7:30 AM, and I can testify to the fact that there are roosters here. And they know the difference between morning and night. That rooster's been crowing since 5:30 AM.

Once again, the sky is just spectacular here.

I must admit, though, the warning about red skies at morning is in my head right now. As you can see in the bottom two photos, there is a definite red tinge to the skies right now.

I would also like to add that the sailing people's idea of not rocking and rolling is really not the same as mine. It seems our acceptable minimum thresholds are VERY far apart. If you were to ask me, we did lots of bouncing last night. Mr. Cheerful (AKA Terry) started with, "Didn't you feel like rock-a-bye baby in the treetops?" He then went on to share that it was so rocky that water kept bouncing into the starboard engine compartment via the rudder shaft. As a result, the bilge pump kept going off. Mike asked if that wasn't really noisy because the bilge pump is right under their heads. "Oh yes," said Peggy. "It was sorta noisy." Hmmm... That would be today's understatement, I think.

As a side note, the SunSail boat that also anchored here last night is already up and on the move. I think someone said that they had better be finding somewhere with calmer waters NOW.

So, we are headed off on our last day of adventure on LUX somewhat tired from not enough sleep and too much bouncing on the waves. This afternoon we will be in Marsh Harbour to begin the process of packing up to go home.


A. Trent said...

That is a great view:) I wouldn't mind waking up to that:),, Love/miss you,, be safe !!

Jeff Trent said...

Sis, Awesome shots and awesomer blogging. All the beautiful scenery made us very jealous. Safe travels to you all - the Professor, the Skipper, Mary Ann and Ginger. Call when you can...