Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ceiling Fans!

LUX has a fan in each cabin and two in the salon. But we have added two additional fans that allow us to enjoy the cockpit even when there isn't a breeze. And with the right positioning, they turn into ceiling fans!

We've liked the Caframo fans for many years. However, the suction cup base doesn't stick for long and the fixed base means that the fan is stuck in one place. I made some bases for the fans many years ago for our previous boat, a Westwind 38. The bases are simply a piece of smoked acrylic. I used flat-head screws, countersunk in the base and cap nuts to make it look nicer and safer to handle. Non-skid  is glued on the bottom with contact cement (make sure that what you use won't eat the base or the non-skid).

We can position the fans anywhere. A 12-volt extension cord allows us to reach remote locations, though we sometimes have to watch out for the cord.

One of the favorite places on LUX is to put the fan on the helm seat, pointed down at the cockpit table and plugged into the 12v outlet at the helm. The other fan (we have two) is put on the salon top above the cockpit table, pointed down at the table and plugged into the navigation station 12v outlet. Instant ceiling fan effect!

Another favorite is to put a fan on the nav station and direct it to the salon table. These fans can also be employed to help dry things like shoes and backpacks after a hike to/from the store and getting caught in the rain (like yesterday ;-( ).


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