Friday, October 4, 2013

We're off... And We Don't Know What's Next

It's barely 7 AM, and we are up and on our way. We hope to make some time today. And, if we do, we might make it as far as Wrightsville Beach. 

Last night was not your basic calm night in Beaufort. Peggy was rudely awakened by the two gunshots. We don't know what they were shooting at, but we hope it wasn't anywhere near us.

Peggy also reports being awakened by Mike. It appears that Mike heard the bilge pump going crazy, so he got up to do repairs. That involved a lot of hatches opening and shutting, tools dropping, and general repair banging.

There is also a report of someone's phone (not to mention any names, but that phone gets off today) suffering a bad case of roll over. You know, when the sleeper rolls over on the phone and sets it off. The phone then wants to know what you want, so it makes noise at you.

But, Dear Readers, your intrepid scribe slept through it all. Good night for me!


Linda said...

Must be a smart phone ... I don't blame it for complaining about having to leave!

Gee said...

Yes, the phone was sad to have to go. Just so we would not forget it (and its owner), two parrots were left behind. Wait until you see them.