Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cool Sewing Project: Keeping the Salon Cool

We've looked at some of the expensive Ocean Air shades, but with LUX being in charter service, we wonder how long they will last. So we came up with a simple, inexpensive solution to helping keep the salon cool when the sun is shinning in the forward window. One of the requirements was that we be able to allow viewing through either the upper or lower parts of the windows.

Georgiana acquired several of the fold-up sun shades for cars. Carol created a design for using them. Georgiana sewed two of the shades together and added several additional pieces of elastic to the corners. Carol and Peggy mounted 3M Command Strips so that all four corners and the two sides are supported. This allows us to use an entire shade or to fold it in half to shade on either the upper or lower part of the window.

They make a big difference in reducing the heat gain from the sun. We've not added shades to the side windows, which have an external white mesh that blocks some of the sun. We could make shades for the sides, but haven't found it necessary so far.


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