Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wednesday Night on Broad Creek

It is 6:45 PM, and the anchor is down. We left the Alligator River Marina bright and early this morning. And we traveled on down the ICW. During the day, our navigator and pilot kept us on the magenta line. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew entertained themselves. We did crafts. We played Yahtzee. We napped. We created delicious meals.

For lunch today, we used up the rest of our boiled eggs to make egg salad. For dinner, since we were under way, we had a wild rice- chicken salad made with golden raisins, craisins, dried cherries, and pecans. Mike also had dilly green beans. The rest of us did not eat the green beans once we realized they were made with a LOT of garlic and hot pepper! Oh well. So much for the provisioner's efforts to add variety to the meal.

Tonight, we're anchored in Broad Creek off the Neuse River in North Carolina. Tomorrow's goal is to make Beaufort, NC where Terry will rejoin the crew. But, tonight we're here.

The anchorage is a little rocky, but we can live with that for one night. The anchor is down. We're a little weary. And, it's going to be a beautiful night for sleeping.

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