Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I Know What I Mean When I Say Not So Rolly

But, what do you mean by that? Yes, that would be today's question. After lunch, the sailors started talking about how we might want to move so that we would be in a place that was not so bouncy. They decided to move on to Man-O-War cay because it was. More protected anchorage. 

Up went the anchor. On went the motors. Off we went to the new anchorage. When we arrived, I asked the question, "So, what gauge do you measure this less bouncy by?" I was assured that the anchorage was so much better. Hmmmm. If you ask me, we are still rolling. We are still bouncing. All I can think is that if this is better, it's a good thing we moved!

Ad we won't be moving because we already celebrated our last night on the boat. All the leftover snacks came out. We made frozen drinks with the rest of the dark rum. We opened the last pack of party napkins. Unfortunately, the party is almost over....until the next time!

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