Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dawn Wasn't Even Breaking!

Yes, Dear Readers, we were up in the dark of the early morning. We left the dock at 6:58 AM. Our reward was a beautiful sunrise on the water.

We were also entertained by a passing shrimp boat. It started out as just a beautiful shot.

Unfortunately, Mike put down the IPad before the shrimp boat really put on the show. But, lucky for us, Terry had out his camera.

 As you can see, the boat was a great shot in the morning light. We could see the shrimper hard at work as he approached our boat.

When he got closer, the real show began!

The shrimper blew his horn and waved at us! That made all the seagulls sitting on the arms scatter! So, here it is. Our greatest bird shot to date. You can see that LOTS of birds thought this shrimper was just the perfect place to get breakfast.

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Susan Gilbert said...

Wow! So many birds on so many poles! Beautiful.